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About Us was born from an information need gap in the Northwest Arkansas community. Having relocated here over 10 years ago, we stuggled to find information easily, and like many relied on word of mouth, or gathering bits and pieces of information through hundreds of different sources. The few family resources that existed were generally more ads than information, or full of incomplete information. As busy parents who had full-time jobs, we simply didn't have time to visit 400 different resources in an attempt to find information we need and keep it updated. And some information just simply wasn't available short of calling businesses and asking.

As we began to work on back in 2012, we are constantly amazed at how many hidden gems exist in our local community that we never knew existed. We are excited to share this information with you. Our mission with FamilyLifeNWA is to make sure that unbiased, comprehensive and timely information is available to all families in our Northwest Arkansas community.

Example of common questions we had as parents that can now be answered in a single click:

  • How do I find a pediatric specialist?
  • When are (insert sport here) tryouts for my child if I live in (insert city)? What is the difference between club and recreational?
  • Where do kids eat Free on Mondays? Thursdays?
  • We have this weekend free, where is a comprehensive list of things we can do within driving distance TODAY if we want to fish? camp? hike? museums? explore a cave? go to an arcade? see a live show?
  • My middle child loves computers and programming, where can we embrace that love? Online vs. Local?
  • We need a handyman and someone to pressure wash our fence? We also need a roofer?
  • Where can I get a list of face painters or a mobile petting zoo for my child's birthday party?
  • Where are the support groups for special needs children?
  • What philanthropies can we volunteer at? Which ones allow children to participate?
  • The list goes on and on... was created to provide FREE information to the community that is open-sourced, simple, comprehensive, timely, and accurate. Best of all we are a one-stop-shop, covering everything from sports and medical to party planning and everything in between. Our directory alone is launching with over 34,000+ items across hundreds of categories and geographies that is available on your schedule. The family calendar alone is approaching 1000 items and growing daily so you always know what is happening.

Our Commitment:

  • Free: Not just financially, but also free from logins or spam emails. Free also means the site is free for businesses which is why ALL businesses are included. (Note: The community forum is the only login required to meet COPPA - child protection laws)
  • Comprehensive: Since we are free, our content is robust as we strive to include any and all businesses and information revelevant for local families.
  • Easy to Use: Everything on our site is 1-2 clicks away and everything should be intuitive - if it is not, let us know.
  • Open-Sourced: We are truly a community site, and elements can change daily based on feedback we receive. If we missed a business, category, or calendar event, we will add it. If there is a topic that families want to know more about, our writers can do an article on it.
  • Timely: Your world is digital, and so are we. Our data is updated 24/7 and the website is designed to be mobile friendly.
  • Accurate: We have a team of people engaging daily with the local community to ensure we provide families with the most accurate and timely information.

We welcome ALL feedback, whether constuctive or complimentary.

Please don't be shy about reaching out to us!