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Take extra security measure for the safety of your loved ones

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  • Take extra security measure for the safety of your loved ones

    For me, the protection of my loved ones is the most important thing. I take it very seriously. Nowadays, we can see a lot of videos spreading around in the social media. Nobody can be trusted in this world. Even the nanny’s we hire is no exception. Daily, we can see a video, showing how badly they treat our children. Last day I came across a video in the social media, where a 3-year-old was seen beaten and spanked harshly by her nanny, just because she wasn't eating her food. The girl was crying for help, but she and nanny were the only one in the home. Fortunately, the parents had installed a commercial security monitoring systems. I was thinking of the same for the safety of my children. My wife and I love our children more than our lives. With the increasing rate of crimes and terror against children, we do need to take an extra security measure. I recommend everyone to install one in your home from- Even if you don't hire a nanny, you can see who all come and go in your home when you are not there in your home.