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The changing education paradigm and use of a customized study plan

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  • The changing education paradigm and use of a customized study plan

    The changing education paradigm makes the students thrive with a customized study plan. For personalized learning the teachers should focus on practicing knowledge based teaching. Today’s workforce, requires high school or college graduates to deliver necessary skills, knowledge, and dispositions for career success and future stability. Hence, it is important for the teachers to adopt knowledge-based teaching that capitalizes on their creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking needs to effectively address the needs of each student.

    The benefits of a personalized learning environment is well defined by the University preparatory high school in Toronto, focusing on customized study plan and project-based learning with their blog article:

    Generally, customized study plan allows students to honestly evaluate their current abilities, contemplate their future goals and actively participate in formulating a favourable learning environment that will help them achieve their goals. It is the student’s responsibility to understand progress towards mastery and to use all available resources to reach it.