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10 Online Coding Resources for Kids - 3/27/2017

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  • 10 Online Coding Resources for Kids - 3/27/2017

    Discussion of the following article:
    I distinctly remember as a child having my parents chasing me away from technology in the early 80's. Computer use, video games in particular, was considered a waste of time. I would literally sit for hours programming a video game from code published in a magazine, only to

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    My son is really into computer games and wants to learn coding. What language should start with? We have went to the bookstore and looked on Amazon, but can never get a good answer on what to start with.


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      If he is young, start with the online games that introduce coding (most of them are visual editors using javascript). If he is ready for real code, I would say Javascript and Python. There are good online resources on our site, or you can get intro books from Amazon.

      Once he gets older, he will want to begin learning a language like C or Java for hardcore games like you play on a computer.

      What I would stress is once he learns the concepts of a language (e.g. loops, arrays, etc) that won't change much from language to language in CONCEPT. The syntax will change, but that isn't the hard part. Most good coders can jump online and look up the syntax for another language and make it work AFTER they have learned their first language.

      For example, a variable in PHP is "$bar" while a variable in Javascript is "var bar" - they both create a variable called "bar" but php wants a $ in front of it while Javascript wants the term var with a space and no $ sign. But the concept remains for both language if you know what a variable is used for.

      Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions as he begins his journey.


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        I appreciate your input.