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  • Forum Rules

    Access to the Boards is a privilege, not a right. While certain language and images may not offend you, be mindful of others who may have a different reaction. Moderators will evaluate all posts and punishment will be at their discretion. This is a forum meant for Northwest Arkansas families. Members should conduct themselves accordingly. Note, although you can register in these forums under an anonymous username, we do keep IP information and email on file. Break the rules and we will ban both. We will never share personal information unless required by law.

    The Golden Rule
    Always be respectful to community members and moderators. Harassment and insults will not be tolerated.

    This is not the place for:

    Account, Product, & Service Solicitation
    • At FamilyLifeNWA, we pride ourselves on providing the community with an objective and comprehensive site where one can share ideas WITHOUT sales pitches. Therefore, we have established a specific area of the forum where vendors and salespeople are allowed to post (not spam) their information and services. If you post outside that one forum, you will be banned. This serves as the warning.
    • If a poster asks for opinions or company options in an open forum, be very careful. General responses to help request are allowed, as long as they aren't hard sales pitches or unwanted spam.
    • If you start private messaging posters unsolicited, and they end up complaining, you will be banned with no warning.
    Mature Content of ANY kind.

    Spamming / Trolling
    • Here is a breakdown of the various types of spam / trolling that we look for:
      • Posting content not related to the discussion
      • Posting a discussion or comment across multiple sub-boards
      • Posting designed to bait conversation or falsify content
      • Making repetitive non-constructive or low effort content
      • Bumping of discussions with no additional context
      • Excessive emoji / icon spam
    Hate Speech
    • Moderators will look for any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which can include attacks a person or group on the basis of:
      • Ethnicity/Race
      • Sexual Orientation
      • Gender
      • Religion
    Inappropriate Discussions
    • Moderators will be looking for topics discussing:
      • Religion
      • Sex
      • Politics
      • Any social issues deemed inappropriate.
    • Moderators will look for instances of community members impersonating:
      • Other Community Members
      • Moderators
      • Other People in the Community (Local Executives, etc.)
    Naming and Shaming
    • Moderators will look for the following:
      • Personal attacks
      • Posts accusing others of malicious activity
      • Posts accusing others of trolling on the Boards
    Illegal Activities or Drugs
    • Criminal masterminds, or aspiring criminal masterminds: please don’t talk about your activities or plans on these boards. Posts about illegal activity will be escalated to law enforcement.
    • Threats of any kind will be handled differently depending on severity, but all posts of this kind will be removed. Extreme instances will be escalated to the proper authorities.