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Thank you SO MUCH!

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  • Thank you SO MUCH!

    Your site is incredible. I could have used that directory for relocation when I moved here. This community has needed something like this for a while. I will be on this site all the time!

    A couple of questions.
    How often will you post new articles?
    Are you going to do an app for mobile as I am out an about all day with the kids and my mobile phone is my primary information device?

    Thanks so much!
    Super Mom

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    I am glad you like it. If you ever have suggestions please let us know.

    In answer to your questions:
    We will post new articles daily, although it may be a little slower for the first few weeks as we get our feet under us. We will also start breaking the articles up into more categories moving forward (e.g. we will have a sports section, medical section, food, etc) so articles are easier to navigate.

    The site current is designed as "responsive" which means it re-scales to fit mobile devices. There is still some more work there just formatting things a little better (e.g. some pictures are too large compared to the content), but it should be fast on your phone today.

    We are also looking at apps as there is interest in creating more of these sites outside NWA. Those would be later this year at the earliest.