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Thank you for your interest in advertising on FamilyLifeNWA or gaining a premium busines listing within "the Hub."

Advertising: As part of our mission, we want our site to contain 95%+ high-quality, unbiased, informational content families need. Traffic and engagement with families of Northwest Arkansas is our measure of success, not ad revenue. As a result, our advertising space is very limited as we want each ad to be impactful. The ads we do have are integrated within our content and move around the page on each load to increase engagement and brand awareness for our advertisers. Research has proven than static ads in fixed locations, or large ad blocks, are often overlooked by consumers as they intuitively learn ignore those sections (think about your own behavior!). Since we are digital, we can accept multiple ads and rotate them, execute videos, or change messaging within a matter of seconds if the need arises.

Business Placements: Standard business listings within our database of over 36,000 entries are 100% free and include name, address, phone, email and mapping. Listing are alphabetical by default. Want your business to jump to the top when a consumer clicks your particular category? Opt for a Premium placement where your business listing will automatically show up at the top of EVERY page within the category, along with a description of the business, any links, and your graphical logo (note: these are limited to only 3 businesses per category). Enhanced placements are an additional option allowing your business to add a detailed desciption and automatically rank higher than standard listings for ~$.50 per day.

Calendar Placements: Standard calendar events are 100% free and are listed by date from today looking forward. If you want to place your event at the top of our calendar weeks or months in advance to ensure adoption and registration, opt for a Premium Calendar Placement. This placement gives you a more robust description than standard and allows additional relevant links (note: these are limited to only 3 events at any given time and are first come first serve). Your events will also stay at the top of EVERY detailed calendar page when consumers click "See all Calendar"

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