Welcome to Family Concierge

Family Concierge was developed as Northwest Arkansas' family resource that focuses on providing a comprehensive and unbiased guide to local business information across an array of categories. Comprehensive means we try hard to include ALL available options and happily accept input from the community.

Why we created Family Concierge?

As a family of 5 living in Northwest Arkansas, we were quickly frustrated by the controlled flow of information which generally came from three sources:

  1. Our friendships base: What or who do they recommend or know?
  2. Our own experience: What did we stumble upon today?
  3. Paid advertising family guides: Limited information that is 95%+ advertising (and often the same companies advertising over and over).

As our network expanded we realized that Northwest Arkansas had so much more to offer. That was the point we set out to create a family resource to fill the gap and help others who live here with a comprehensive and unbiased view of everything our wonderful community has to offer.

What makes us different?

  • Free to end-users and businesses: there is no charge for accessing or being listed in Family Concierge.

  • Unbiased and objective: We put all relevant family businesses in our directory in alphabetical order - if we missed someone, let us know and we will add it immediately.

  • Crowd-sourced: Anyone can add or update a companies' information or suggest a new category as long as they meet our relevance standards to the family community.

  • Information On-Demand 24/7: Access our site 24/7 and get exactly what you need when you need it. Need a doctor? Having a party and need a clown? Looking for a venue? Catering? What about a place to raft? Maybe a hot air balloon ride? Where do kids eat free today in my town? Our roof is leaking? We just moved here and need to find my son/daughter a travel basketball team for the summer? We have it all within 1-2 clicks.